A "botanic" curiosity: Tamat tree

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Why a tree represents our organisation?

The tree is a symbol of life, growth…The growth of a seed that, with patience, grew thanks to the nourishment of the earth.

Tamat is a tree of the Sahel, Acacia Seyal, language Tamahaq (Tuareg language).

Our commitment was born in the field of agriculture in this land and the seed we planted has allowed us to grow and to become what we are now.
Specifically, for those who are curious, we offer a little botanic parenthesis.

The Acacia Seyal is a medium-sized tree, with a characteristic bark greenish or reddish pale and flat-topped crown; produces yellow flowers that grow in clusters of rounded shape.



Together with other types of acacia, Acacia Seyal constitutes an important source of arabic gum, a complex mixture of polysaccharides and glycoproteins that is used mainly in the food industry as a stabilizer.

The thing that we liked about Tamat is that it is a small tree with a thousand resources: in times of famine, though not very attractive, can be used to feed livestock, its thorny branches are used to build fences and its trunk can be burned for cooking.


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