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Development Cooperation

In the context of international development cooperation Tamat has pursued growth objectives that meet the criteria of economic, social and environmental sustainability. The projects have so far benefited from the active involvement of the local population, from the identification of the objectives and the design of the intervention to its implementation.

Tamat’s activities follow a bottom-up logic (projects are designed on the basis of local needs) and take special attention to the actual empowerment of those involved (through the provision of goods, such as agricultural tools and seeds, as well as training and technical assistance). The results obtained in this way have had the great honour to represent the result of a real working collaboration and to contribute to the promotion of the rights and dignity of local people, as well as to the fight against poverty.


We mainly work in the Sahel region, in particular in Mali and Burkina Faso.

The Balkans

We are present in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1998 and we have also intervened in Serbia and Albania.

Latin America

After some experiences in Cuba and Venezuela, we are working in Peru and Paraguay.


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