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Donate directly to a beneficiary: we have several projects in progress, but we do not manage to meet the needs of each participant. If you want, you can donate something useful as well! And you will see the direct beneficiaries of your donation!

Once you realised the donation, send us an e-mail saying what you decided to donate.

In particular, we need:

- In Bosnia and Herzegovina: seeds, fertilizers, equipment for agriculture, equipment for the processing of agricultural products, material for marketing of products such as glass jars, labels etc.

- In Mali and Burkina Faso: fund for microcredit (the amount varies depending on the needs, generally it is around 200-250 euros).

- In Paraguay: small tools for agriculture, seeds, shaders, non-woven fabric, fertilizers, sprinklers.



The Italian Law n° 49 of 26/02/1987 and DLG of 04/12/1997, recognising the social value of contributions for international solidarity, permit the tax deducibility for both natural and legal persons. As Tamat is an NGO acknowledged by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with DM n°2007/337/004258/4 and as a consequence it is a legal Onlus, contributions can be deducted in the tax statement. In particular, according to the NGO Law n° 49, it can be deducted from taxable income up to 2% of the total income. While according to the DLG n°460 about Onlus, you can deduct 19% of the contribution up to a maximum of 2,000 euros.

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