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cooperation, participation, sharing, training, education ...

If you had to sum up in words the key activities of Tamat, these would probably be the most suitable.


Tamat carries out its activities in developing countries, in Italy and Europe


In developing countries Tamat works through international cooperation and decentralized activities, using a bottom-up logic , which starts from the needs expressed by the local population and civil society to develop and then implement solutions for sustainable development in social, environmental, cultural and economic sectors.


In the developing countries the main activities of Tamat are:

  • The identification, formulation and management of projects of development cooperation and international cooperation, in close collaboration with local civil society.

          The main areas of intervention are:

    • Agriculture, tourism, the environment, with a view to the harmonious, equitable and sustainable development;
    • Creation of businesses, especially women’s, also supported by micro-credit;
    • Vocational training;
    • Empowerment and human rights, particularly the referring to equal opportunities, the right to education, to food security, to work.
  • The management and implementation of projects of solidarity, humanitarian intervention and emergency situations;
  • Networking with partners in Europe and in developing countries for the implementation of projects.


At national and European level, Tamat is active in the field of awareness raising and education on development issues, the North-South divide in the world, sustainable development, human rights, vocational training, lifelong learning and the conduct of the research.

Its main activities are:


  • Seminars and workshops to raise awareness and development education in schools of all levels and address and universities;
  • Training courses and seminars in the areas in which we work;
  • Projects under the program Life Long Learning, Culture, Migration, Justice, transnational partnerships;

The provision of training and internships in the areas of cultural development.

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