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Membership of the AOI is based on shared values and members of 'AOI that

goal is the representation and exploitation of the plurality of actors

Social Volunteering and international cooperation, in strengthening relations between individuals and communities.

AOI promotes initiatives and alliances with other representations and coordinations

associations, thematic networks, local authorities and regions for the certainty and effectiveness of resources and cooperation system ethically and territorially sustainable, in discussion and dialogue with the world of profit.

At the center of active citizenship practices of 'AOI there is the prospect of a democratic, federal, united and harmonious Europe, which takes fully the role of actor.

The cultural diversity of its members is an expression of a 'AOI engaged in:


• solidarity,  international cooperation and volunteering

• global citizenship education and intercultural

• Emergency and Humanitarian Aid

• active citizenship social promotion and trade unions, advocacy and campaigning

• fight against climate change

• co-development

• fair trade and fair trade, ethical finance, microfinance, food sovereignty

• distance support and international adoption

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