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Saywa Saywa Saywa Saywa Saywa Saywa


Categoria: Latin America

Country: Perù - Bolivia

Years: 2015-2018


Saywa is funded by EuropeAid programme – Investing in people. It is a cross-border project Peru-Bolivia coordinated by the Municipality of Capachica (Peru) in partnership with TAMAT, the municipalities of Tiahanuacu (Bolivia) and the two peruvian associations ACOFAPE - coordinator association of family members of Peruvian migrants and returned to and from Europe - and Mallku - institute for Sustainable Development.


The project, through various levels - training, financial support and tutoring - contributes to the transition from the informal to the formal economy of the following target groups:

130 Quechua and Aymara women dedicated to the sale of crafts or services such as accommodation and catering in the informal market;

80 Quechua and Aymara young excluded from economic and employment benefits for lack of training and who work in the informal market within networks of traffickers or in transport with motorbike taxi, combi or small boats without any protection system.

30 migrants returnees in Peru and Bolivia and excluded from the labor market

5 local associations of interest that need to establish a dialogue with the authorities and to be strengthened to be able to influence local policies and "play" a fundamental role as actors and promoters of a social protection system for the groups they represent, linked to informal economy.


All this in the framework of an integrated cross-border plan providing the institutionalization of an experiential tourist path in the provinces of Puno (Municipality of Capachica) Lampa (districts of Lampa and Pukará) and La Paz (Municipality of Tiahuanacu): areas that develop along the National Reserve of Titicaca Lake but which left excluded from the benefits generated by tourism.



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